ESP078: Harry Duran: How PRDCNF Is Challenging Productivity

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Harry Duran is the founder of PRDCNF and show host of podcast junkies. We meet nearly a year ago in Dallas at Podcast Movement and immediately hit it off. It was at this event that Harry made me aware of the vision he had for a handcrafted Continue reading…

ESP077: Taylor Pearson: The Mastermind CEO – Growing Your Influence & Network By Creating Masterminds

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This week we’re joined by Taylor Person. Taylor currently consults with authors, entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to find clarity and confidence in their businesses, expand their marketing through thought leadership and scale their internal business systems. I recently heard a podcast he did with Dan Andrews over at TMBA on using mastermind as insurance against failures. It was the most comprehensive system I’ve found  for becoming a mastermind CEO to growing your network and influence. If you’ve ever considered running a mastermind to cut your learning curve in half, this is the episode for you.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who’s Taylor Pearson?
  • How masterminds have impacted Taylor’s life and business
  • Getting higher level people to buy-in
  • The ideal structure and frequency for running masterminds
  • Shared values vs. income
  • Why you need a sales letter
  • What can be outsourced?


The Golden Nugget:

The Hook Up:

Go grab Taylor Pearson’s mastermind template here:

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ESP076: Navid Moazzez: $70K In 3 Months Mastering Virtual Summits

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Navid is a recovering law school student turned lifestyle entrepreneur, podcaster and personal branding strategist. He’s also the founder of The Branding Summit where he’s brought together 80+ world leading online entrepreneurs to reveal their top personal branding secrets. This is a strategy that netted him

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ESP 075: 1 Year of Supremacy and The Power of Events & Podcasting

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I’ve been so busy behind the scenes that I totally missed the ESP on year launch celebration. On Feb 4th, 2014 I hit publish on the first episode of The Event Supremacy Podcast not knowing where it would lead to or what would happen. I think it’s safe to say that

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ESP 074: AJ Leon: On Finding Purpose and Handcrafting Misfit Con

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Meet AJ Leon the man behind Misfit, Inc. and Misfit Con. In AJ’s past life he was corporate executive making over six figures with a nice corner office overlooking one of the greatest cities in the world. These days you can find him traveling the world and making a dent in the universe with

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ESP 073: 8 Steps To Getting Your First Event Sponsor

EP 73

As we head full speed into the new year, I’ve been hearing more and more about sponsorship. The probelm is many of those just gettting started with events can be overwhelmed by sponsorship. It can be the 800 pound gorilla if you

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ESP 072: Gabby Wallace: ESP “Hot Seat” Coaching Call

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Today’s guest is Gabby Wallace she’s an English teacher, entrepreneur and digital nomad currently working out of Tokyo, Japan. She wanted to get me on a call to discuss here plans to organize an event for

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ESP 071: Jayson Gaignard: The Rise of Mastermind Talks – Part 2

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Today’s guest is Jayson Gaignard. He’s the changemaker and founder of Mastermind Talks. An unconventional, kick-ass event with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors. I’m talking about people like Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Ryan Holiday and so many more great peeps that are doing cool stuff out in the world today. I’ve […]

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ESP 070: The 2014 Event Supremacy Recap

ESP 70 Recap

A lot of gratitude on this one. I took some time to go back and listen to several of the past episodes in an effort to compile a Top 10 list but soon realized two things. First, there’s a massive amount of content here. Secondly, putting together a Top 10 list would be really hard […]

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ESP 069: Pam Slim: Presenting Your Authentic Self

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  Today’s guest is Pamela Slim. Pam is an award-winning author, speaker, business consultant and recent mixed martial arts black belt recipient who has been an entrepreneur for eighteen years. Her passion for career

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