ESP 056: Rich Brooks: Using Events As a Platform to Grow Your Business

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Today we’re joined by Rich Brooks. Rich is the  founder and president of Flyte New Media, host of The Marketing Agents Podcast, and founder of The Agents of Change Conference. Three years ago he embarked on his event planning journey with a mission to create a kick-ass conference for small to mid-size businesses  that was more than social media. In this episode, Rich shares his secret recipe for success, some the initial challenges, and one of the more recent payoffs – $20,000 in additional revenue from an attendee turned client.


Picatic: If you’re planning an event, you need an online ticketing platform to sell tickets and register attendees. There’s a ton of ticketing platforms out there but I highly recommend you check out Picatic. Why? It’s pretty simple actually. There’s no other platform on the market that combines crowdfunding and the pay-what-you-want model, they’re definitely looking out for the little guys! Check out Picatic here for more info.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The backstory of AOC
  • Rich the idea to make events a strategic part of his business plan
  • Getting Chris Brogan’s buy in
  • Leveraging podcasting, retargeting, and local TV to market AOC
  • integrating the TED Talk model and ditching breakout sessions
  • How to secure top-notch speakers and thought leaders
  • Using Maine as a destination to sell AOC
  • Mistakes, challenges, and why you shouldn’t do it all yourself
  • Project workflow, systems,  and the team dynamic
  • Why events are just another platform for growing your business
  • How Rich generated $20,000 for his business from a single AOC attendee

Resources & honorable mentions in this episode:

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The hook up: 

Shout out to Rich for joining us on the show today to share the story behind  AOC and how it has exploded his business. You can connect with him here if you have any questions about AOC.  

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